Trek vs. Wars

Brion: Star Trek is better, no bones about it.
Me: You sir, are high out of your mind. Trek's ok, but it's so campy. In SW, there's wars in the stars. THAT'S AWESOME!
Brion: That's retarded.
Me: Plus, you got space wizards in the past future fighting people with super awesome swords of light. Trek has these queer looking "phasers" that look like fuckin' ladies razor blades. And most of the time, it doesn't make any sense! The writers put them in some crazy situation, and then invent something to get them out of it--something that up until that point in the episode no one even heard of.
Brion: Yeah, the first few movies are ok, but everything since then is horrible.
Me: The books are--
Brion: No they're not. Don't even go there.
Me: You could say the same thing about Trek--Post-Picard is a crap-shoot, and Picard's own movies are awful. As is every other Kirk movie.
Brion: Still more stuff that's good than Wars.
Me: But Wars has Han Solo! There is NO ONE as awesome as Han Solo in Trek.
Brion: Spock.
Me: Who'd wanna fuck Spock?!
Brion: This isn't about whether or not you want to fuck him, it's about how cool a character he is.
Me: Well...I suppose in the new movie he =is= really fucking hot. Yeah, I'd bone new Spock.
Brion: .....
ME: New Spock....*sigh*
Brion: .......................


I think I have a cyst on my inner thigh. It's super gross. It exploded once and I thought it was done, but it appears to have come back, and it kinda hurts a lil' so it's too the doctor I go.

See people, this is why there is no god. What kind of a rat bastard would invent something so gross? -_-

Behaviorial legislation

So at the back of Time magazine either this month or last month, there was an article discussing how this poor girl committed suicide due to relentless bullying from the girls at school. Because of this, talks are being held to make bullying illegal, at the federal level. And while some view this as a good thing, this law would allow people to examine students facebook, myspace, and even livejournal profiles for bullying examples.

Now while I believe that bullying is a serious problem, I do not believe it should be regulated at the federal level, because 1. its super difficult to define and 2. are you really going to put a girl in jail because she called another girl a cunt for sleeping with her b/f on myspace? Personally, I feel these things should be left to the school boards to decide as 1. they have access to the kids the most and 2. they have the power/authority to kick troublemakers out of their school. This way, again, a kid's life isn't ruined by jail/juvie time.

Because let's face it--how many of us use our journals to rant about assholes who are assholes irl? Under this proposed law, that's considered bullying. And that pisses me off, because if you take away a kid's place to vent, then what the hell do they have? This super tight-leashed age of parenting really pisses me off =\\
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2010 goals

So I dunno, 2009 kinda sucked, though it had some really sweet high points--graduating, getting into the Kevin Smith thing, hanging out with all my buds over con season, etc. But the lows of crappy economy, no real jobs, car needing to get fixed for a ridiculous amount of money, and between brion and me, having to print/reprint 3 sets of books at once, kinda blows (Well, good for reprinting, but bad because it was on the heels of needing to print another volume =\ ).

But yes, goals for 2010:

--Lose 10 lbs (hah)
--Get back to doing Pilates--holy crap were my muscles getting awesome when I was doing it everyday, but now I'm back to being squishy XD
--Have at least 10k in my checking account by the end of August
--Get 10k unique readers on update days by this time next year (I'm at around 5500 now =\ )
--Get more freelancey jobs for real places.
--Get into Columbia's masters program (and if in, pass the pre-requisite accounting class needed to stay in x.x )
--Get book 3 printed in a timely manner!
--Get some sweet comic jobs (I really, really wanna stay working in comics, and I think I'm good enough, I just need the connections...)
--Enter more contests! (its been working pretty good for me so far! XD )
--Network like hell!
--Produce more art:
--Add to concept art portfolio, including more character designs, a lot more environments, creature concepts, and weapon/vehicle designs
--Make more comics, in a variety of styles/genres, so I can show that I can do more styles/genres XD
--Do more fanart, because that's just for me =)
--Actually make and maintain a buffer for MR so the summer won't be so horrible XD
--Make some more storyboards
--Develop a digi painting style--must practice this every day!
--Get the hang of working in Painter
--Learn some 3D stuff? The more tools in my wheelhouse, the better!!
--Do more lifedrawing--I need to get better at realistic lighting
--go outside more XD
--Keep playing games--Its kind of awesome how much happier I am now that I take more me time to play games. Work isn't everything!! XD
--send out more promotional shit to everyone in the Illustrator's Market XD
--Make more finished illustrations to put on promotional shit to send out XD

I think that's about it for now, but I'll probably think of more later =X


So holy crap. Saturday night was totally the best night EVER.

My fanart entry of Smodcast (the podcast made by Kevin Smith (AKA Silent Bob, and director of Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, etc) and his producer friend Scott Mosier), got into the Smodcast art show at Gallery 1988 in LA on friday! This is sooooo cool because aside from the obvious of like, "Holy fuck I got into a Hollywood gallery show that's going to be attended by Kevin-fucking-Smith and the other View Askew movers and shakers" but also because I listen to Smodcast while I draw comics--it's insanely hilarious, and totally the best thing to listen to while I'm workin' on the computer--and here comes along this art show celebrating said podcast, with a contesty thing for fanart for said podcast, and I'm like, "Hey, I make art! I should do this!" and sure enough I fucking got in! It's like totally going full circle in an awesome, awesome way!

Not to mention the fact that, and I'm totally not getting my hopes up or anything, but I just wanna let it out there, into the universe, but MY ART COULD BE HANGING UP IN KEVIN SMITH'S HOUSE!! Holy FUCK is that a cool concept that I still can't quite wrap my head around.

So yeah.


Now if only I could get my effing cell phone fixed X\

Weird dream

So I had the weirdest dream where me, Brion, and someone else (Heather maybe?) had to fight our way through all these warriors video game style at my dad's house to become the champion of the grounds. When we got to the front door, we were met by the king from Braveheart who was holding a bow and arrow and told us that if we could somehow deflect his arrow by shooting it down with an arrow of our own (bows and arrows were provided near the pile of corpses that we made getting to that point) that we'd win and be welcome as knights or whatever. Realizing he was just an old man, we all rushed him and threw him down the steps. At that point we all heard this weird music and looked over and saw what kind of looked like male, druid night elves from WoW, all with their own demon partner from Shin Megami Tensei (for instance, one had Principality floating next to it, another had Ameno Uzume, etc). We realized that these things were actually the undead kings of the woods that's on my dad's property--but they weren't undead like zombies, but more undead like the wights from the Game of Thrones books (their eyes were blue and it was cold when they got close), so at this point the three of us barrelled into the house, while the king was seduced by the Kings' music and wandered over by where they were at. He then ended up getting his soul sucked out and joined their legion! So at this point we're trying to lock the door, furiously, but for whatever reason it's not staying locked. At this point, it becomes a challenge of trying to figure out how to lock the door without catching the attention of the Undead Kings (Which is crazy because the front door of my dad's house is a big glass door, so they could clearly see inside and everything, especially since they were only a few feet away. So basically I'm at the door trying to lock the stupid thing every time the one guy turns his head around, and of course each time it gets fucked up he turns around and starts to come closer to the door. So at this point I'm hanging onto the door handle and I shout for anyone to help me, because clearly I by myself cannot keep a door closed with my weight alone. At this point everyone else is kinda lounging on my dad's couch, and they're just like "We have other things to do!!", but I manage to keep the door closed on my own and eventually the King loses interest and wanders away. At which point I examine the locks more closely and see that it's actually a puzzle, in that the chain from lock 2 needs fit into the 3rd clasp, and so on, instead of being a normal house where the end part of the lock is directly across from its counterpart *scowl* So at this point the houses' defenses start up, and all the doors are sealed with giant, wooden Castle doors as backing, and steel shutters come down over all the windows. But at this point we hear this rumbling and realize the queen has woken up or something (I can't really remember this part), in any event I recall brion saying something like "WE JUST SPAWNED SOMETHING HUGE!!" as at this point there's an earthquake and the house starts splitting apart. Somehow this little kid shows up and she has this grape that, when she finally eats the thing, allows her to summon Bahamut, which would totally end the battle (or at least cripple the enemy, as by this point in addition to the queen the undead kings are swarming all over the house and we're all fightin' em). Unfortunately, the little girl gets killed somehow, summoning bahamut being her ONLY power, and we all get into an argument on whether or not we should raise her. I'm all like "We have to do it now! She can end it!" and Brion's all like, "We'll raise her when we can fight this shit off otherwise she'll die again and that'd be a waste of a revival bead!!" and I'm like, "If we can keep the shit off her for a few seconds we won't have to worry about this crap anymore!!" and we keep going back and forth until I wake up.


Nervous but happy

So this year, despite not making as much as I made last year at a bunch of our cons, I find myself with more money in my account overall, which is good. What is bad is that I'm gonna have to pay off my giant loan soon, and I've gotta get myself health insurance, so I'm not sure how long I'll be able to support myself...especially since I haven't really gotten any offers from the people I've sent stuff too, but I've got other stuff that has potential, so I'm not entirely worried. As Brion's always saying, these things have a way of working themselves out, so the best thing you can do is hope for the future and keep moving forward.

So yeah, while I'd like to have more jobs knocking on my door, I know that I have it in me to be a success in this industry and all, so all I gotta do is trust in myself and keep sending shit out =D

My bad

Eek, ok, so I totally haven't posted here in forever, mostly because I like lurking and following my freinds (Who the hell cares about what I have to say anyway?)

So I thought that I'd have a chance to slow down and mellow out once school was out, but alas, not the case. I'm trrrrrying to get a buffer on my comic because there's a bunch of places I wanna submit applications to (and consequently, tailor my portfolio more towards them), but I always seem to be falling behind STILL (though Acen and catching up on all those commissions certainly didn't help things). In any event, I did manage to send out some applications/portfolio samples on Thursday, and I got a bite from one! It's a small science fiction book publisher that said they loved my samples and will contact me for project work at the end of the summer (cuz I guess they handle all their new stuff post-con season, which makes sense), and I've also got a potential job illustrating a comic for my friend Josh as part of his new project (which probably won't pay all that great, but since Josh has worked for DC/Tokyopop on published titles it'll make ME look really good so I can have something with a name on it when I go showing my portfolio around...which would be awesome!! ).

But yeah, despite all this I can't help but feel a little anxious--I mean, I'm kinda not really thinking all that much about the future since we have a shit-ton of cons coming up that I'm going to have to get stuff ready for, but at the same time at the back of my mind I'm nervous about whether or not I'll have enough money to live on. Granted, I was able to support myself thus far on rocking the dollars from cons/commissions/comicking, but I mean, prior to Acen I only had $300 in my bank account. This year I'm going to have to pay for my own health insurance, student loans, and I still owe brion a bunch of money due to my dad not being able to pay the last little bit of my tuition. I also really wanna have book 3 come out next year, so there's so many things!!

But all I can do at this point is just keep pushing forward. I have faith in my work, and I think I'll be able to get more jobs as time goes on since it seems like Arting is like a snowball effect--one job leads to the next which leads to the next next next. I figure at the worst case scenario I can always get a full-time job at an Ad agency, because I know with my skills and portfolio I'd be able to get one without that much difficulty, but I really like working out of my house and setting my own hours, so I really hope it doesn't come down to that.... But like I said, forward momentum--all you can do =)

The long overdue update!!

I'm such a social recluse these days--it's terrible x.x

Graduation's in four weeks and I'm skurrrrrred!!! So much to do, and since I haven't taken a proper assessment of what I have done already (as some layouts were done in other classes, some are yet to be laid out, and some I don't think I wanna put text on), I'm totally not sure what I have left to do yet and thus am probably freaking out about having to do more than I actually have to do. BUT I am making progress! Excellent progress is being made, my friends!

And I think I actually got a table at Anime Expo this year (at least, unless there's some sort of error and they wanna just take my money for the fun of it), so huzzah! Pliip, that means if you don't find me at Comic Con, then you MUST come to AX because as far as my poor knowledge of CA geography goes, LA is closer to San Fran, jes? In any event, NO EXCUSES!

But back to the subject at hand, things to do (at least, as far as I'm aware right now)

--Put illustrations into advertising/editorial layouts (i.e. as if this was an illustration for an actual article/ad)
--Fix fuck ups/annoying mistakes on other illustrations
--Resize art so it fits into 11 x 14 format for portfolio
--Redo portfolio site to match cool new layout
--Finish process portfolio
-at least two more process layouts for illustration pieces
-layouts for all the storyboards I like
-layouts for concept art/character design
-sketch layouts
-Clever body copy for said layouts to explain what goes on in my weird head.
--Design new business card (as current one lacks phone#/addy for obvious reasons) for professional usage
--Get said business cards printed
--Create leave-behind portfolio sample
--Print everything
--Put everything into portfolio
-Decide on paper color to mount stuff on
-Decide on amount of white space (if any) I wanna mount stuff on

If time....
--Finish Fu Hao Illustration so it can go next to the Elizabeth spread
--One more queen illustration to put next to Antoinette spread?
--Get blog rolling
--figure out how to add twitter feed to blogspot account

I think that's all of it, but there's prolly more that I'm missing. The main thing is getting all my process stuff assembled--some illustrations have 10-20 pages of ideas, designs, notes, etc that go into making them, so scanning ALL of them and then figuring out how to compile them into an easy-to-read layout is really tedious--especially where the concept art is concerned =\

I was hoping to print out everything I got done today so I could acccurately assess where I need to be, but the printer's printing greys as greens, so that was a no go x.x